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Introduction: Modge Podge Steampunk Letter

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This was my first attempt at using "Modge Podge". Several members of my makers group use it so I had purchased some wanting to use it at some point. My preoccupation with steampunk was a good way for me to fulfill my modge podge curiosity. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. So gather up what you need to make you own version.

Step 1: What You Will Need

A letter of your choice. These can be purchased at any big box store or at any arts and crafts store.

Modge Podge- I used the matte for this project but if you have another kind, no worries. Just use what you have on hand.

Base paint color - I chose Raw Sienna

Metallic Paints - for top coat. I chose 4 colors Festive Green, Royal Gold, Antique Gold and Worn Penny

Paint brushes

Step 2: Getting Started

Place the letter on a flat surface and cover it with modge podge. It will run off the sides so it might be a good idea to place it on a paper/Styrofoam dessert plate. This is so that is something runs off, you letter won't become attached to the table.

Step 3: Add Your Embellishments and Coat It Again

One you have your first coat of modge podge on, place your embellishments where you would like them. I chose gears, wings, a heart and an "S". Choose whatever suits your taste. Helpful hint time.... make sure the embellishments you choose lay flush with your letter. They will adhere better.

Next, give it another good dose of modge podge. Coat it well. It should look kind of goopy, You want to make sure it sticks.

Step 4: How to Know When to Proceed

If you are like me and haven't used modge podge it is hard to know when it has fully dried. I went and found something to do for about a half hour. When I came back, I noticed that the glue looking substance that I had left was now clear and I tested one of the gears by wiggling it just a lil bit. It was fine so I added my base color....

Step 5: Adding Your Base Color

Paint everything....EVERYTHING!! Paint your letter, paint your embellishments. Paint it all!!

Then let it sit over night.

Step 6: Giving It Attitude

I knew what I saw in my mind, so I set to work. If you choose to do this project, you may use totally different colors. That's cool. Make it your own.

I tried just the green over the brown. It was too green. I tried to tamper it with the brown, too brown. So I mixed it on the plate and just stippled it on. I made sure to work around the embellishments. I didn't want them to be the same color as the letter.

Step 7: Now the Pizzazz

I told you earlier to paint everything. Now I want those silver gears, wings, hearts and "S" to be the color I wanted them to be. I pulled out my detail brushes and used all my metallic paints to give the it that steampunk feel and color.

Step 8: And You're Finished

It is a simple project but I was very happy with the results.

It is something made with my own two hands that I will be happy to display and enjoy in my space.

Wanna go at it from a different angle, check out this corset inspired steampunk letter instructable.

Thanks for looking and have fun wid it.

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