Introduction: Modified Quanum FPV Goggles

Hi all, first for the Instructables.......I am into UAV's, have a license to fly commercially so another string to the bow for the business. Needed to fly First Person View (FPV) for operations I use the UAV for. Business you say, why are you making up your own goggles just go out and buy one of those fancy ones and away you go.

Can only see with one eye....a fancy one I have been told is somewhat difficult to see with only being able to see with one eye. What complicated the issue is I also require glasses to see close up.

Looking around the net and some homework and decided Hobby King was the way to go as they sell the Quanum FPV goggles for under $30. If it doesn't work it won't break the bank. The HK goggles happen to come with fresnel's but unfortunately first attempt is when I found out the supplied fresnel's just didn't work as well as I hoped. Did not achieve the magnification or all round view that completely satisfied my needs.

Making the goggles up you had to attach a fresnel to another frame as the frame was able to be moved forward or backwards for fine tuning the clarity of the screen. The frame restricted my ability to observe all the telemetry from the UAV as I run On Screen Display (OSD).

Step 1: Headband Magnifier

Back on the net and found a Headband Magnifier (under $20), but again the magnifier did not achieve the magnification I required. Down to the local office store and purchased a A4 fresnel (under $6). Cut the centre out of the A4 fresnel to match the internal size of the goggles and then took the magnifier out of the headband magnifier.

Step 2: Goggle Set Up.

Modified one of the original frames that came with the goggle kit to fit and secured the headband magnifier. Installed the magnifier as close to where my eyes were to be and treated them like glasses. With a little trial and error position the fresnel to provide the most clarity when viewing the screen through the magnifier.

Step 3: Modified the Headband to the Goggles

The goggle kit comes with an elasticised strap with a quick release. This also didn't suit me so I modified the headband to the Headband Magnifier to fit the goggles. I just used a trimmer to modify the front part of the headband to the shape of the goggles and taped it to the goggles. I find now the headband adjusts easier than the original and the goggles can be tilted up as the headband pivots.

There may be further changes in future as I refine the goggles if and when required. Presently I can observe all the telemetry from the UAV when flying FPV.