Introduction: Modified Quickdraw Paper Wallet (Built of the Paper Wallet by TheRIAA)

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my first instructable, so comments are very appreciated.  This is my own twist on the famous paper wallet by the RIAA with an added pair of quickdraw card slots for your most often used cards.  This wallet is very thin and light, but highly durable if made with care.  I claim no ownership of this design, and a lot of the elements are borrowed and combined.  So lets take a look :)

Step 1: Tools and Materials.

1. One piece of paper
2. Tape (strong and tough like duct tape)
3. Scissors
4. Knife
5.Trace template.

1. Tape (thin and light to wrap the paper and make it stronger and cleaner but not that much thicker.

The wallet I will be showing will be without the protective tape coating, but you can see what one would look like in the main instructable picture. 

Step 2: Tape Coating (optional)

This is the step where you would cover the piece of paper with a solid coating of thin tape.  I used masking tape for my wallet, but any thin tape would work great.  I would stay away from duct tape because of how much thicker it would make the wallet.

Step 3: Folding.

Ok now we get to the main shaping of the wallet.  First fold the sheet of paper in half.  Then fold each of those sheets in on themselves again.  If these instructions aren't clear enough, the pictures should help.  After the folding fold it in half the other way.  After this, unfold it completely.

Step 4: Sketching Out the Cutouts.

First sketch the pattern in the first picture onto one of the middle panels.  It should be one with a mountain fold in the middle rather than a valley.  Then on the other middle panel (which should have a valley fold)  fold over that valley and then trace the template onto that panel. (i know that the these instructions are tricky, but the pictures should help you.  Keep the page folded over.

Step 5: Cutting

With the page still folded over, use the knife to cut out the template.  Make sure you are cutting through both layers and use something as a backing so you don't gouge through your table.  Then cut out the hexagonal pattern on the panel before. I find scissors work a lot better for this part.  Unfold and admire your handiwork. 

Step 6: Cutting (continued)

Now you will need to trim a small sliver of paper on the edges of the page.  Refer to the picture to see where and what to cut.  You should end up with two small slivers sticking off the page.

Step 7: Making the Wallet.

Now for the best part.  Fold the wallet along the 3 original fold.  Then take the 2 protruding nibs of paper, and tuck them over the 2 nearer pages.  Repeat on both sides. Tape those little flaps in.

Step 8: Done!

And there you go.  This wallet holds a surprising amount of cards and can hold a lot of cash.  And the quickdraw slots are great for holding 2 cards that are important to be easily accessed.  Please let me know what you think of it.  Post pictures of your attempts and tell me about any modifications you have found are helpful.

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