Introduction: Molecular Mojito Cocktail - Inverse Spherification

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No rain, no plant, no plant, no mint, no mint, no mojito.

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In the vegan gastronomy or vegetarian gastronomy it is a real happiness, it allows to create many really interesting dishes.

I present here a mojito but it is an example, you can replace it with any liquid, mixed fruit, mixed vegetable. This will give estethic dishes. In order to make the vegan gastronomy more pretty, more pleasant to see.

The reverse spherification to was created in 2005 by el Bulli. It can really help vegan gastronomy.

After several unsuccessful attempts to improve the spherification technique, el Bulli team realized that they could just try a reverse spherification by reversing the components.

This inverse spherification consists in pouring into some liquid some gram of calcium lactate, to freeze.

Then using demineralised water (which avoids gelling) with some grams of sodium alginate, just immerse the ice cubes for 3 minutes. Then rinse with clear water. You will get a sphere identical to an egg yolk.

You can play with colors and ingredients.

It's really, really impressive.

You will be able to impress your friends.

Ingredient for Molecular Sphere:

  • 7 ml of sugar syrup
  • one lime
  • 45 ml of rum
  • 60 ml of sparkling water
  • 1.5 g of calcium lactate - E327
  • 350 ml of demineralised water
  • 1.5 g of sodium alginate - E401

Sodium alginate and calcium lactate are probably the most popular additives in molecular Gastronomy.

Step 1: Make a Mojito 1/2

In a glass add about 7 ml liquid sugar, or brown sugar.

Roll under the palm of your hand your lemon before cutting it, without pressing too much not to crush it.

The goal is to soften it so that the juice is released inside.

Cut the ends of the lemon, then cut it in half, then in four.

Place in the glass three or four quarters according to your tastes.

Step 2: Make a Mojito 2/2

Use fresh mint and then strike the mint leaves in the hands to extract all the aroma without damaging them.

Place the mint in the glass.

Muddle the whole delicately so as not to break the mint leafs.

You can now add:

  • 45 ml of rum
  • 45 ml of soda or soda water (according to your taste)
  • And 1.5 g of calcium lactate (E327)

Now mix until disodium lactate calcium.

What is calcium lactate ?
Calcium lactate is a salt of natural lactic acid produced by fermentation. Calcium lactate is part of the antioxidant family. This molecule is produced by the combination of the salt of lactic acid E270 and calcium carbonate. Calcium lactate is also called E327.

Step 3: Freezing

In half-sphere molds, place a small mint leaf in each hole.

Completed with the filtered mojito you made previously.

Then place in freezer until freezing.

Step 4: Spherification Liquid

Now that we have our mojito ice cubes.

In a large glass or other container place 350ml demineralised water.

We use demineralised water because it is devoid of calcium and the reaction with sodium alginate will be slower.

Add 1.5g of sodium alginate.
Blend until dissolved with beater whisk, Warning the sodium alginate dissolves with difficulty.

What is sodium alginate ?

Alginate is a substance obtained from brown algae. The algae are cut and then cleaned to remove impurities They are then demineralised by making it macerate in a dilute mineral acid. The alginate contained in the algae is then converted into alginic acid. The alga is ground in the presence of a salt which will neutralize this acid in order to solubilize it in the form of a salt. Alginate is also called E401 and is a special gelling agent because it acts cold in the presence of calcium even in small amounts. The reaction is very rapid.

Step 5: Spherification

Now place your glacon in the glass.

You can put several at once, but be careful, without touching each other.

Wait 3 minutes.

Then rinse with clear water.

Drain gently with a paper towel.

Step 6: The Result : Molecular Mojito Cocktail

You now have a Molecular Mojito Cocktail.

These are an example of spherification.
Any liquid may be spherical no problem.

You can even toy with some mashed potato, tomato, apple .....

Warning: Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health

Pretty cool ! Is not it?
I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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