Introduction: Mom Poem

This is very simple, I don't have a lot of instructions......

Items needed....
plain wooden plaque ( I used one I had that a picture came off of)
Laminating sheet (8 x 10)
Tacky Glue
Paper trimmer
Photo Paper
Design program
Laminating machine

Step 1: Write (or Copy) Your Poem

I wrote this poem for my mom,
used my Print Master 9 program to create a background and typed in my poem.

Step 2: Using Printer

Printed this on photo paper so it would be bright.
Laminated it.

Step 3: Measure

Laid it on the wooden plaque measured it then cut it down to size.

Step 4: Gluing

With my Quick drying Tacky glue I generously covered the back of the print
smoothed it down and laid heavy card stock on it to keep it snug until it dried.

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