Mono-wheel Motorcycle Trailer Rebuild

Introduction: Mono-wheel Motorcycle Trailer Rebuild

After 5 years and a few thousand miles I decided to give my mono-wheeled (single wheel) motorcycle trailer an overhaul.

Here we have the the fitting of the suspension unit and wheel, including some strengthening of the cross beam (box section) with tube inserts. legal bit - If you undertake this job I advise that you use a skilled mechanic and can not be held responsible for any negative consequences.

Step 1: Mono-wheel Motorcycle Trailer Rebuild - the UJ

Here we have the the fitting, and makeup, of the UJ (Universal Joint) and a little of the hitching method. This is vital the the running of a single wheeled (mono-wheeled) trailer system, it gives stability and helps manoeuvrability of the bike.

Step 2: Mono-wheel Motorcycle Trailer Rebuild - the Hitch

Here we have the make-up and re-jig of the hitch to the bike.

Step 3: Mono-wheel Motorcycle Trailer Rebuild - Electrics

Here we have connecting the trailer electrics to the bike.

Step 4: Mono-Wheel Trailer Test Ride

As promised a video of the trailer in action, with added panniers. The Test Ride!

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