Monster Book of Monsters Box

Introduction: Monster Book of Monsters Box

"What about those Monster Books, eh? The assistant nearly cried when we said we wanted two."

Ron Weasley

I needed a small box to keep my sticker in it. The idea came from a toy, a Monster Book shaped toy, in which you could keep things.


- plastic monster book replica

- base coat for acrylic paint (optional)

- acrylic paint: brown, gold, sand, crimson, white, black

- acrylic water resistant finishing varnished matte

- acrylic water resistant finishing varnished glossy (optional)


- painting brush


Monster book model on Ebay

More on printing the model

Step 1: Making the Model

This is a rather complex model. The base of the model is a simple box with hinge. The base box can be downloaded from here. The cover, eyes and teeth are attached around it.

The tricky part is in the modelling to make it printable. The tentacles on the cover needs support which should be removed after printing.

The upper part is sliced into to two parts to make the printing easier. One part is the top part with eyes. The other part has the hinge and the tentacles with support. These parts are glued together after printing.

If you don't have a printer, you can buy it here.

Step 2: Base Cote

It's not necessary, but it makes painting easier. It makes the paint stick easier to the plastic parts and it gives a white color to it. It is very useful, because some paints does not cover properly and needs significantly more layers on dark surfaces. When using light colors its very important to have a light colored surface.

Step 3: Painting the Model

The cover of the book is brown. To give it a texture, you can paint lighter and darker lines on it like if it was real fur. The pages have light sand color with some lines around of it to imitate the pages.

Teeth are white of course, while the gum is crimson. The eyes are black.

A small darker shade can be added to the holes of the model to emphasize the form.

The inside of the box should be painted as well.

Step 4: Finishing

I always use 2 or more layer of water resistant finishing varnish on my models. This gives them a good protection from touching and small scratching.

Of course the inside of the box should be covered with finish, too.

I used additional glossy paint on the teeth and eyes to make it more vivid.

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