Introduction: Monsters Inc. Halloween Decorations

Make this cute Monsters Inc. Halloween Decoration for your window or the back of your SUV. It even has a roving eye just like Mike Wazowski does. You just need a flat screen TV and Apple TV, some poster board and a cheap green table cloth.

Step 1: Material List

  • Apple TV
  • Poster Display Board from Michael's or Hobby Lobby
  • Green Vinyl tablecloth - $3.99 from At Home

Step 2: Cut Out the Hole

I used a precision instrument to draw the outline of the hole in the table cloth. Actually its the lid for a pan but worked perfectly. I marked it on the backside with a Sharpie.

Step 3: Attach It to the Poster Board

I don't show cutting the poster board but I cut it to barely cover the television. Then I used a regular stapler and duct tape to attach the tablecloth to the poster board. I also rolled the vinyl and stuffed it with the filling from an old pillow and stapled the seams to make the arms. I'm a guy.

Step 4: Attach the Poster Board to the Televison

I used duct tape doubled over to attach the poster to the television near the hole and the duct tape around the edges. I also made white paper horns that I hot glued to the poster board.

Step 5: Download the AP

Download the Free App, Morph DigitalDudz in the Apple App store. It worked better on my iPad then on my iPhone 6Plus because I could make the eye bigger for some reason on the iPad.

Step 6: Activate Airplay on Your IPad or IPhone

This is one of the great things about an Apple TV is that anything on your iPad or iPhone you can see on your television. Even a roving eyeball.

  1. Activate Airplay.
  2. Select Mirroring so that you can move the eyeball so that you can center it and enlarge or shrink it in the hole.

Step 7: Play Animation

Select Play Animation.

Move the eye if necessary.

You also have the option of muting the sound on the Digital Dudz eyeball.

Step 8: Finished Product

Mr. Mike Wazowski.

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