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Introduction: Moon Charm Ring Bracelet

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Hello helloo I'm back with an another ring bracelet instructable ;) (It's slowly becoming an obsession of mine)

This time I'm using a moon charm that I made(here).
Since my obsession with moon shapes continues I made one with it.You can use any charm just make sure that it has two holes one on top and one on the bottom.(Actually it doesn't really matter you can always glue the chain.)
Okay enough talking let's begin...

Step 1: Materials

-necklace findings
-a ring
-moon pendant

Step 2: Bracelet Part

Wrap the chain around your wrist and cut with pliers.
Add the necklace finding to one end.
Make a little chain using jumprings and add that to the other end.
Wear it to make sure it fits.

Step 3: Attaching the Moon

When you put on the ring first it limits the movement of the chain and makes it harder to join two ends.Attaching the chain to a bit right will make it easier to wear.After that attach the moon pendant with a jumpring.Wear it to see if the placement is right.You can move it higher or lower depending on how you like it.

Step 4: Attaching the Ring

Join the chain and the ring using a jumpring.Tighten the jumpring to keep it in place.
Remember like the previous step measurments may vary depending on the person.Always wear it along the process to adjust it.

Step 5: Done!

Hope you enjoyed :)
I definitely love it! I love wearing it with a maching knuckle ring.

I'd like to see if you try making one so feel free to message me :)

Have a good day byeee :*

<Moon pendant>

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    6 years ago

    I love this...very well done, thank you! It's really lovely to see someone else, besides myself, obsessed with moons lol! I've been obsessed with crescent moons and stars since I was a child and I'm 59 y.o.! Great project and I plan to make one and it has sparked more ideas too! Have a blessed and happy day!!!