Introduction: Mop Holder

I made this adaptation to the broom I have at home to be able to use it as a mop since with this pandemic we are experiencing, you cannot go out and make any purchases. I hope it is useful to you.


Step 1: Review the File

Review the Solidworks file and adapt it as needed

Step 2: Print the File

I have printed this file in black PLA, on an Ender 3 Pro printer, with 0.5mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer height.

Step 3: Materials to Use

1 Drill

1 2.5mm drill bit

2 pieces 3D printed

2 screws 30mm long

Step 4: Mop Preparation

2 holes are drilled, one 4cm from each edge of the mop

Step 5: Placement of the Supports

The two printed pieces are placed in each hole with a screw, as shown in the photo.

Step 6: Finish

The mop is placed in the bras, as shown in the photo.