Introduction: Moped Taillight From Cheap Bike Lights

a modified cheap led light to function as light and brake light for mopeds, e-bikes, bikes, and where ever else you want it. is powerd of about 12 ~15 volts. and in my case a possible mix of ac and dc for the normal light part and hopefully dc for the brake part, or atleast thats what my wiring diagram tells me

Step 1: Modify the Pcb

as is shown, you need to remove all but the ground connection and ground line from the button,

this way the chip will no longer function, and cannot interfere with the led's operations.

you will notice 2 solder points on the pcb 1 near the button ground line and 1 on the ground "feedline " comming from the negative connection those point were scrapped and connected to the ground

Step 2: The Cirquit Layout

this is just a visual of the connection layout

on a side note: this is most likely not best practis but im keeping current flow below but close the orignal led light for braking and about half that for normal lighting

Step 3: Build It

i fount that the vreg's fit pretty well in between the battery supports, after a little bit of cutting, how the component are layout isn't important, what is is that you must keep the height low so the pcb will fit back in the housing.

when you have all the parts in id recommend you use a good glue while making sure you have the clearance to place the pcb, in my case the 4 diode's used to make the bridge rectifier are a little to high so it flexes the pcb slightly when screwed in place. also an tip is to use al layer of isolation tape on the bottom.

my version uses this 1 as a control point for another 2 who only require the 3 resistors and signal diode, allowing me to have 1 with the vreg's and bridge rectifier, and 2 with only the resistors and signal-diode.

so to recap, we changed a 1,50 led backlight into a moped or ...... wherever you want to put it.

added in my case a few junk/ and or parts bin parts, and ended up with a dual light led tail light, a lower setting for normal light and a higher setting for braking.

on a side not i take no legal responsibility, as i do not know if this will be a legal light for your traffic and vehicle laws!!!!

Step 4: Completed Light

when your done dont forget to seal the wire passage (old button place) either recycle the button rubber as a seal or as i dit use some weather and uv proof glue.

and it should look like normal again when its done except for the wires coming out of it

hope some of you might find it use full will post a message with them installed when iv have got them installed !

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