Introduction: Mortal Kombat SubZero/Saibot Mask - Cardboard DIY

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time-lapse video:

long video:

Step 1: Print PDF Template, Trace & Cut 'cardboard'

download PDF from my blog:

this template included Saibot & SubZero design, i'm making SubZero in this project, but you need to scale is manually.

material: mounting board

or you can buy ready to print here

Step 2: Glue Cardboard & Seal Edges

Connect pieces with hot glue accordingly.

Seal edges with thick wall paint (alternative: wall crack sealer or wood filler)

watch video:

Step 3: Mesh

i used plastic mesh filter here, you can use any type of mesh, double the mesh if the mesh you have is not thick enough.

Step 4: Paint

Masking tapes & some Black, Blue paint. Done! :)