Motor Masco G28

Introduction: Motor Masco G28

What You Need

2 Paper Clips

Copper Wire

D Battery

2 Rubber Bands

Wire Cutters


Step 1: Paper Clips

Take your 2 paper clips and bend them as seen in the picture.

Step 2: Copper Wire

Cut a piece of the copper wire, around arms length. Wrap the wire around to make a loop with 1.5-2.5 inches ends on both sides. Sand both sides of the wire, leaving half of the exterior on one side of the loop and sanding all of the exterior on the other end.

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Step 3: Rubber Bands

Wrap the rubber bands around the battery twice over with the ends of the rubber bands on the Plus and Minus sides of the battery.

Step 4: Placing the Paper Clips

Place one paper clip on the plus side of the battery holding it in place with the rubber bands and place the other paper clip on the minus side of the battery holding it in place with the rubber bands.

Step 5: Magnet

Place the magnet on the battery.

Step 6: The Wire

Place the two ends of the wire on the bent ends of the paper clips balancing the loop in the middle. This should make the wire loop spin making the motor work.

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