Motorcycle After Market LED Lighting and Accessory Sockets.

Introduction: Motorcycle After Market LED Lighting and Accessory Sockets.

I bought my bike this last summer and during the down season I am modifying my Honda CBR600F4i to my taste. Some of the mods are purely cosmetic and some are functional. All of or almost all of the performance mods have already been done. I also had to fix a modification done by a previous owner, which hooked both head lights the the high beam switch. I didn't like the all or nothing approach to the head lights and took it back to how it was supposed to be stock. This is not so much of a step-by-step as an overview to what I had done, Notes, etc. made on the way.

* Undo the previous owner's all or nothing headlight mod, back to stock.
* replace all the lighting, except the headlights, with LED lights.
* Add an external watertight/ waterproof cigarette lighter socket (on a switch and fuse) close to the gauge cluster/ handle bar area (for gps, etc.).
* Add an internal mounted cigarette lighter socket in the trunk, under passenger seat (charge phone, etc.).
* Add Body lights (on a fuse and switch).

I store my bike at a friend's house, whom is generous enough to let me store and work on my bike in his heated garage. So I spend about 2 days a month (kid free weekends) working on the bike (mods I am making and general winter maintenance).

Step 1: Front Light Modifications

I really wanted to use the mirrors with integrated LEDs and move to flush mounted LED lights.

* Integrated mirrors, with LED turn signals ($50)

* 3/4" Optrionics MCL11AKBP amber LED lights (2x $9)

* Taillight Converter ($15)

* LED Flasher Relay ELFR-1 ($25)

The front facing LEDs integrated into the mirrors to be on all the time a running/ marker lights to increase visibility (maybe increase safety). The flush, side mounted LEDs are normally off. When indicating a turn both the Mirrors and flush mount LEDs flash in Sync. The tail light converter allows the 2 wire mirror LEDs to function as 3 wire, with running light, as stock incandescent lights worked.

Step 2: Rear Light Modifications

I really like the look of the Optronics Glo-lights. It was inspiration to modify the rear end of the bike. These are 4" lights and you might see them on new semi-trailers. The outer ring glows for the running light and the center is the turn/ brake.

* 4" Optronics GLOLight STL101RFMBP (2x $35)

* 3/4" Optronics MCL11RKBP red LED (free to me) (2x $9)

* Peterson Mfg Co M388c ($20)

* Taillight Converter ($15)

* Cigarette lighter socket ($10 online)

The 2x 4" lights work as Stop/Turn/Tail. The GLOLight has an outer ring that "glows" as the running light. The 6x LEDs in the middle are used for stop and turn. The 3/4" lights are flushed mounted to the side, like the front ones and function just like the front ones. A license plate light was also added. The previous owner had removed it (cut it out) when the under-tail was modified to remove/ crop the unsightly and larger rear. The cigarette lighter socket for the trunk was fused and tied into the license plate light wires. I also have a 10A fuse for this and it will turn off with the key (I will only be charging my phone as needed with this).

I had changed the amber in the rear of the bike to red. It was pointed out to me that you can tell the front from the back by the color of the lights (amber/ yellow or white in the front and red in rear). Although I can use amber in the rear, red is possibly a better choice.

Need to complete:
This is Work In Progress (WIP). This still needs to be finished, but it was put back together enough for me to ride. It was killing me to be missing out on riding season. lol. The rear fairing still needs some modification, the 3/4" flush mount turn signals need mounted, and mounting bracket made, etc. to install a rear grab bar.

Step 3: Body Lighting

* 19mm 12V *RED* Led Stainless Switch 5 Pins ($9)

* 12V DC 30A/40A Relay & Socket ($3)

* Waterproof Mini Automotive Fuse Holder ($3)

* Red LED light strips 1-foot (8x $2)

* 2 Pin Quick Disconnect 12 AWG (SAE Connector) ($5)

Body/ accent lights can be cool, but I wanted them hooked to a fixed switch and not controlled by a remote (my preference). The switch is a waterproof LED lit switch. I wired the switch so that it will be lit when the switch is "on". The power to the LED strip will be turned off with the key regardless of the switch state.

Step 4: Assessory Plug


* 19mm 12V *RED* Led Stainless Switch 5 Pins ($9)

* 12V DC 30A/40A Relay & Socket ($3)

* Waterproof Mini Automotive Fuse Holder ($3)

* Water-tight / waterproof cigarette lighter socket ($10-20)

* 2 Pin Quick Disconnect 12 AWG (SAE Connector) ($5)

Similar function to the body lighting, except turning on/ off the cigarette lighter socket. This should be used mostly to power a GPS, when riding. The power to the socket will be turned off with the key regardless of the switch state.

Credit where credit is due: Idea for the GPS mount was from:

Step 5: Overview

Once this is complete, I will add a video over-viewing all the changes.

Thanks to Mike Gibbs at Sinister Performance Center ( for modifying the tail and bringing everything together. He wasn't 100% sold on using the 4" lights, but took what I wanted done and made it look great and after paying the bill I still have both arms and legs.

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