Introduction: Mounted Deer Trophy Pet Costume

This costume is very quick and easy to create and will produce lots of excitement and laughs as it's not your typical pet costume.

You'll need contact paper with a wood design, foam board, camp gear, hat, shirt, what ever you can find at the thrifty shopper, pet antlers and most importantly, a willing participant, a cute little pooch.

Step 1: Creating Your Trophy.

Take a full piece of foam board... plain white is fine. Envision your trophy of what a mount should look like. You can find ideas online. Draw it out of the foam board. Once completed, take a sharp razor knife and cute it out. Then you need to figure out how big the hole for your pets head to easily fit through and leaving enough room for it to be comfortable for them. I used a bowl to trace the hole. Again once complete, use your razor to cut out the center hole for the head.

Step 2: Adding the Wood Look

Now that you've created the outline of your trophy and cut it out, it's time to make it look like a wooden deer head mount. Take your form board cut out and add your wood grain contact paper. Be sure to peel back the paper gently as you don't want any bubbles in the paper. Stick on the foam boards and be sure to cover all the white parts of the foam board.

Step 3: Finalizing the Trophy

Now that you have the trophy completed with the contact paper, put on your camo gear, add your willing participant, your cute pet (in my case it is my special needs rescued Pomeranian, Stevie Bear) by placing his head through the hole you added. Add your pet antlers, if they're Christmas antlers be sure to cute off the Christmas decorations. You now have your completed costume that is by far the funniest and easy costume to create that doesn't require a whole lot of artistic abilities. You'll leave the crowd stunned and full of laughs. Be prepared to have your picture taking by everyone you meet.