Introduction: Mousetrap Car

If you ever get tired of regular toy cars that get boring after a day of playing with them. Then read this instructable on how to make your very own mousetrap car! Now if you are wondering "well whats a mousetrap car?" its a car that you can make by yourself which power source is a mousetrap.

Step 1: Materials

you would need:

  • 4 or 8 discs (preferably the ones that don't work)
  • a mousetrap
  • duct tape
  • dowels
  • cardboard
  • skewer
  • string
  • a couple plastic straws
  • a paper clip
  • whatever you would want to use to decorate your car


  • needle nose plier
  • hot glue gun
  • a box cutter
  • pair of scissors

Step 2: Making the Base

To make the base you need to line up your dowels, then duct tape them all together. Then with 4 or more dowel wrap string around two sticks to make a rectangle, but make sure to leave some room on the back part of it (for your wheels.) Then hot glue your rectangle to your base.

Step 3: Adding on the Wheels

Use a box cutter to cut out a square piece of cardboard. Cut a whole through the middle of that piece of cardboard do this until you have 8 pieces of cardboard with a hole in the center on each one. Put your wheels on that area after you put on one of the square pieces of cardboard you have cut out. Then add another cardboard square after that. Repeat for the other side of the base.

Step 4: Adding an Extension for the Front Wheels

Hot glue a dowel to the bottom part of the base. Make sure it dries straight so you end up with it sticking out from underneath the car. Add a long skewer to make a cross at the end.

Step 5: Adding the Front Wheels

Break a skewer up with your needle nose pliers until you have two pieces that are both about an inch long. Hot glue those pieces to both ends of the skewer pointing upwards. Use another skewer and cut a straw in half to put them through the skewer. Then hot glue onlythe straw to the skewer pieces so your skewer is standing a little. Pu the left over four square cardboard pieces on the disc on each side, then put the disc and then the last pieces of cardboard so the toothpick that has the straws on it at each end. It should go cardboard, disc, cardboard.

Step 6: Adding the Mousetrap

Hot glue a dowel to one of the hammer of he mousetrap. On the end of that dowel hot glue/tape/tie a string to it and wrap that around a bit then hot glue/tape that part to secure it from falling apart. At the end of that string make a loop by tying it. Once you have done all that, hot glue the mousetrap to the middle of your car facing the opposite direction of the front of the car.

Step 7: Adding a Hook

Make a hook using a paper clip. Cut a small piece, and bend it at a 90 degree angle with a needle nose plier, to get a small hook and cut it off. Attach it to your skewer at the front axel with hot glue.

Step 8: Finnishing Touch

The finnishing touch is to decorate! Do it in anway you like using anything you want.

Step 9: Done!

To make it move put the loop from the string into the hook. Then spin the front wheels backwards as far as it will go, then let go.

Step 10: Conclusion

So, since you have now taken my nine steps on how to make a mousetrap car. You can now go play around and watch it go! I do hope that you like the way yours came out, and don't worry! If your moves slow then there may just be a problem in your wheels. This may have been very confusing and hard to make but it is worth it in the end.