Mousetrap Car

Introduction: Mousetrap Car

Today I am making a mousetrap car. A mousetrap car is a car powered by a mousetrap. Mousetrap cars are very interesting. It is a fun project for all ages (some may need parental vision). You might want to make one because you get to learn new things and experience the fun!

Step 1: Materials/Tools

The first thing you should do is gather all the needed materials. Here are the items I used:

- paper



-popsicle sticks

-duct tape (however many you want/need)

-2 zipties

-3 dowels

-4 CD's


-6 puff balls

-4 corks

I used tools as well:

-hot glue gun



Step 2: Base/body

To start my car I built a base or body. I used a paper with popsicle sticks on top to make it sturdy. Then, I added cardboard to the bottom to make it more sturdy.

Step 3: Back Slot for the Axle

Next, I added a back slot to put the axle in so the car would be longer. I attached two sticks under the base and attached a rolled up paper big enough for the axle to fit through at the end of the stick.

Step 4: Wheels

The next thing I did was create wheels. I used CD's and covered the top with tape and paper. On the other side, i added corks to the center. (later on, I added tape to the side with the corks and to the corks.)

Step 5: Axle

The next thing I did was drill holes in the corks to insert the axle. I used hot glue to make it more secure. I only attached the axles to two wheels because we don't need the other two until later.

Step 6: Attach Wheels to Car

The next step is to attach the wheels and the car. I put the first axle and wheel through the first axle slot, then I did the other one. After they were both through I grabbed the two wheels that we have not used and attached them to the other end of the axle. I also used hot glue for this side to keep it secure.

Step 7: Adding Mousetrap

Next, I took off the parts of the mousetrap we did not need. Then I attached a stick to one side of the mousetrap arm and added a string to the stick. (I added puffballs for decoration) I hot glued the mousetrap to the base of the car.

Step 8: Hook

Last, I added a hook to the back axle to wind up the string that makes the car go.

Step 9: Drive!

Now you have your car! It’s all finished! Wind up your string to the back axle with the hook and drive away. This was very fun and interesting for me to do. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Also I hope you learned something new. Thank you for following along!

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    3 years ago

    It looks like a fun class project!