Introduction: Mousetrap Powered Car

I am going to be making a mousetrap powered car. Somebody would want to make one because they are a somewhat challenge. A mousetrap powered car is a good way to fill up some time. I made a mousetrap car because it shows how a small object can power something large. Let's get started on creating the mousetrap car.

Step 1: Materials

The materials to make a mousetrap car are:
4 cds
4 dowels
4 strips of paper
2 corks
Box cutter
10 popsicle sticks
1 mousetrap
Glue gun
Wire cutters
Duct tape

Step 2: Cutting and Gluing

1. Use the box cutter and slice the corks in half.
2. Then use the glue gun to glue one of the corks onto the middle of the cd
3. Get a piece of paper and fold it to fit underneath the mousetrap
4. Take the ten popsicle sticks and hot glue them on the paper horizontally
5. On top of the popsicle sticks hot glue the mousetrap in place
6. Hot glue a dowel on two cds with the cork facing the dowel
7. Hot glue a dowel onto one side of the mousetrap car

Step 3: Gluing and Taping

1. Rool up a piece of paper and then put Duct tape on it to hold its shape
2. Cut a dowel with wire cutters and glue one of the sides on to the paper and wrap Duct tape around it and the piece of paper.
3. Repeat these two steps one more time

Step 4: Assembly and Gluing

1. Assemble the mousetrap to two dowels and hot glue them
2. Take the two pieces of paper and glue them on the front and back side of the mousetrap
3. Glue the CD wheels on both sides of the pieces of paper
4. Tie one side of the string to the mousetrap
5. Cut a gap in the piece of paper about a inch wide
6. Hot glue a little hook and let it dry
7. Tie the other end of the string onto the hook
8. Wind up the car by winding up the wheels
9. Let the car go and watch it roll

Step 5: Conclusion

This concludes the making of a mousetrap car. Congratulations you have made a mousetrap car and are now ready to roll. Again why I chose to make a mousetrap powered car is the challenge of making a car out of materials. The mousetrap really took some time to build and was fun to watch it roll. The mousetrap powered car has many steps but in the end it feels good to watch it run from a mousetrap.