Multi-Layered Birch Shard Necklace

Introduction: Multi-Layered Birch Shard Necklace

Wood is a beauty in all its layers. Show that off with a natural, multi-layered wooden shard that highlights the bark to heartwood. In this project, I used scraps and chips I got from leftover wood splitting.

Step 1: Sourcing

Your shard should be pretty and aesthetically pleasing. I chose this piece because it had a nice shape to it, and contained multiple layers, bringing a strong line through the piece to add interest. I also realize the cut wasn't 90 degrees perpendicular to the bark, giving it a 3D shape and exposing the bark and wood at slightly different angles.

Step 2: Drilling

Drill your hole using a electric drill of drill press. Make sure to keep the hole small enough and close to the edge of the wood. I sanded the back of the pendant to ensure that it would lie properly while wearing it, and to reduce the thickness to fit a smaller jump ring.

Step 3: Wear!

Now hang the pendent on a jump ring and chain'cord, and show off! this natural outdoors look is classy and elegant, combining the outside would with your style and outfit. Great for going out and gifts for friends, and easy to make. Enjoy!

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