Introduction: MultiFunction Twister Wire

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Twister wire, commonly called cable twister in the market, comes with many designs and mostly used to group or tidy up a bunch of long cables. Here I want to show you how to make one er.. many of them and show you how I use them as helpful tools in my life.

Step 1: Materials

  • Motorcycle Candy Colors Fuel Hose. They are sold about 16 inches each. I pay USD1.5 for 10 pieces.
  • Wire, here I use 2 mm in diameter. You can use a thicker one for more strength, but harder to shape. I have a bunch of it in the garage and I don't know how much they pay for it.

If you are making only one of this, then I think you need less than a quarter dollar. $0.15 for the fuel hose and the wire could be free of charge if you need only 16 inches :D

Step 2: Connection : Only If You Need a Longer One

Measure your wire a little bit shorter than the hose, so that its sharp ends do not show up. Simply put the wire inside the fuel hose. If you need a longer one, just join them with hot glue. But I recommend you to shape it first before you glue, because you may break them apart when twisting it and you need to glue it again. It is also good to seal both ends with hot glue to prevent water goes in and makes the wire rusty if you use one in bathroom like me (the pink and yellow ones) ^_^

Step 3: Landscape Phone Stand

This is the simplest mode to make. You only need few bends to make a phone stand in landscape mode. If you feel it too simple and not attractive then you can add another wire and another color in combination.

Step 4: Two Pieces : Portrait Phone Stand

With a longer wire, here I use two pieces of fuel hose (around 32 inches), I shape it like a cup. The bottom end forming "S" shape for the phone to sit, so that it doesn't touch the table top. The other end is bend down as a walking stick to help distributing the mass of the phone.

You can make a simple swirl like the yellow one, but you need to balance the weight of your phone so that it doesn't bump to the back.

Step 5: Helpful Hanger

This shape is a very helpful hanger to me. It was created when we got a new car, with new style bumper. We brings a pail of stale food everyday to the warehouse to feed the ducks. I don't want to put the pail in the cabin because it smells so bad. The old rear bumper was tubular and its ends did not stick to the body, so we could just slide the handle in and tied with a piece of rope. The new one has closed ends (stick the car's body), then I made this hanger. It is strong enough to holds around 8 to 10 kilograms and has never fall half way on the street yet ^_^ after 4 years of usage.

Step 6: Miscellaneous Usage

You may one day find that you need a helpful hands when you want to take photos for your instructables but both your hands is needed to hold the object or point to a part of the object. Simply twist it like the photo above. Give it a test before you let go your hands from your phone or camera. Make sure you have balance the weight well. Set your camera to "timer mode" then you are ready to shoot.

The other mode is a simple hanger on your monitor side. I hang mini plier, wire cutter, or cables there.

What more? I try it as a roll bar for my Panzer RC, protecting the gears, the boards. Maybe you can shape it better than me ;)

Step 7: Latest Build of Mine

This is the latest build of mine. A phone stand that suit for both portrait and landscape mode. This simple (penniless) Wire Twister may be useful for you as it is for me.

All I can say is :

Imagination is Your Limit.