Introduction: Multicolor Squares Wall

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This is easier than it looks. It's basically math and plotting. I have provided the equation and plotting technique I used to get my results. The size of the square varies on the number of squares wanted on the wall. The colors and styles are limitless. I did it using small cans of oops paints from the local hardware store, that ran me about 2 dollars a quart.

Step 1: Materials

Paint - in a variety of colors of your liking.

Painter's tape- width of your choice

Paint brush

Tape measure

Paper and pencil/pen (not pictured)

Calculator (not pictured)

Step 2: Doing the Math!

Take the length of the wall and subtract the width of the tape times the number of squares you want across the length of the wall plus one. Divide the answer by the number of squares and this will give you width of each square.

For example, You have a wall that is 100 inches long, you have 2 inch tape and want 10 squares across.

100 inches (Wall length) - (2 in (tape width)x 11 (number of squares +1) )

100 - 22= 78

Divide the result, in this case, 78, by the number of squares (10) and this will give you the width of each square.

78/10 = 7.8

Each square will be 7.8 inches wide for this wall.

So.... (Wall length) - ( Tape width x (number of squares +1) ) . Then divide and answer by number of squares.

Use a calculator if needed.

Step 3: Marking the Wall and Taping

Continuing the example...

You will mark the wall using a tape measure and pencil, accounting for the tape. So you will mark 2 inches, 7.8 inches, 2 inches, 7.8 inches,2 inches, 7.8 inches, until the end of the the wall.

You will mark the height from top to bottom the same way. Once marked, apply your tape horizontally and then vertically.

Step 4: Plotting the Paint

Make a legend of your colors on a separate page.

Using the pencil and paper, draw lines to mimic your wall. Label the lined paper with the colors making sure they do not end up repeating next to each other.

See pictures.

You can also lightly pencil the color code onto each square in the wall, so you don't need to keep referring to the main sheet.

Step 5: Paint and Let Dry.....

Step 6: Remove Tape, Touch Up Any Edges and Enjoy!

Pretty simple.

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