Introduction: Multipurpose Lamp - Mirror - Clock - Decoration

The next project is a night lamp, stained glass, mirror and alarm clock at the same time.

For this project, we will divide the process into two stages, first the lamp cable connection stage, and the second phase, where we will install it.

It is a simple process to perform, you just need a little patience and with a few tools we can do it in our homes without problems.

In addition, the materials are easily available at any hardware store, DIY center ... and cheap. It is even possible that we can recycle some of these materials such as the clock or the lamp holder ... of some old screen.




unusable or old clock

circular mirror

glass paint

inflatable paint

small clock


plastic flowers or plants for decoration

lamp installation kit (socket, focus)

cross stitch screwdriver


eva rubber

glass glue




1 We begin by stripping the ends of the cable at one end of it, for this we remove the cover approximately 2 cm, we must be careful not to cut the internal cables. Then we peel the tips of the inner cables approximately 0.5 cm. The cables that make up the cable for the lamp are two: blue that corresponds to the neutral and brown that corresponds to the phase, although we can also find cables that bring the earth, the yellow-green wire.

2 To do this, the plug has holes with small screws where to insert them. We just have to loosen the screws, insert a cable in a hole and do the same with the other and tighten the screws to hold the cables.

3. Once we have the cables attached to the tip of the male plug, we just have to place the plastic cover and close it, tightening a screw. In this way, we will have finished the step of placing the male plug to the cable.

4. Now we are going to make the lamp switch connection, but first we are going to clarify that we can find two different ways of making the connections in the switches. We have the form a in which we have to cut both wires and connect them to the switch while we have the form b, in which we only cut a single wire and connect it to the switch

5. Next, we insert the tips of the cable, according to the type of switch we have, in the switch and tighten it with the screws. In my case, it is the switch that we must strip the two wires.

6. Now we make the lampholder connections, strip the ends of the wires and insert each wire into each hole, holding it with a screw.

7. To finish, we peel the cable cover of the cable part of the lamp holder approximately 2 cm, while the ends of the lamp approximately 0.5 cm and insert it into the part of the corresponding switch, as we did in point 5 and fasten them with the screws.

8. We have the installation of the wiring finished, we just have to place a bulb on the lamp holder and start using it.

Step 2: BASE

For this second stage, we must separate the clock pieces, always leaving the glass glued to the base. and making two small holes with a hole in the edge of the clock



With glass paint and inflatable paint we will draw some flowers at the base of the clock glass on the back and paint as you like. In my case, I painted some flowers, but you can make abstract drawings or just color while the glass is covered with paint.


Once dry, we will glue the circular mirror with silicone (you can use any size as long as it is smaller than the clock circle) in the middle of the previously painted glass but this time from the front


4. Cut a piece of eva rubber with the size of the base of the clock leaving a hole in the center of the size of the alarm clock to be able to put it later (the part where the hands are) and glue the flowers and decoration with silicon to base

5. With the base of the watch previously separated, we will glue with silicone the base covered with eva rubber flowers, to the base of the watch


6. On the reverse side of the base of the watch we will cover a thick edge with diamond and silicone.

7. We will place the wiring and spotlight on the previously assembled center all bonded with silicon.



we will join the diamond base to the stained glass window, leaving the decoration with flowers on the opposite side and hiding the cables inside. we will put rope in the previously holes of the length that you like to be able to hang it