Introduction: Munster Quesadillas

Easy way to make great cheese quesadilla from store bought packaged foods.
You will need the following:
  • flour/corn tortillas
  • sliced cheese (I prefer Munster; use whatever you like to eat)
  • frying pan large enough for the 10-inch tortillas
  • olive oil (or any vegetable oil to keep the tortillas from sticking to the hot pan

Step 1: Grease Your Frying Pan

Grease your pan with olive oil or whatever vegetable oil you have on hand

Step 2: Open Up the Tortillas and Cheese Packages

Take out your tortillas and sliced cheese from the bags they came with.

Step 3: Heat Your Pan on Medium or Medium High Heat

Depend if you want crispy (like grilled cheese sandwich) or softer quesadillas. Use Medium High heat for crispier ones.

Step 4: Cook Your Masterpiece

Put tortilla in heated pan
Add a slice of cheese on top of tortilla
Cook for a couple minutes -- check the bottom of tortilla often (every 15 seconds) to make sure it is not burned
It's good when golden brown on the bottom of the tortilla (more or less depends on how dark you like your food)
Use a wooden chopstick to break the crispy tortilla around the edge of the cheese slice
Fold the tortillas over on the long sides of the cheese slice (if your sliced cheese is rectangular)
Then follow with the shorter sides
Server your masterpiece on a plate or eat out of the pan (its up to you)

Step 5: Presentation

Serve it however you like
Yum yum last couple bites of mine.