Mushrooms Duo - BirdHouse and Feeder (3D Printed)

Introduction: Mushrooms Duo - BirdHouse and Feeder (3D Printed)

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Do you want to hear when birds singing every day? Just we think about what we can do for our garden birds. The best idea is to design a house with a feeder for them. Then time to get my Pencil and design something useful. I hope you will like it.


What we used in our project list you can find below.

Project .stl files - here

Printing Model using FDM Printer:
3D Printer Qidi X-Max -

Wood PLA Filament -

Items required to assembly:

Wood Screws -

Post-Processing print:

Nail Files or Sandpaper

Wood Stain - Two colour Teak and Rosewood

Kitchen Sponge

Beeswax Polish - 100% Organic - VOC free and no toxins-

Microfibre Cloth -

Step 1: Design

Creating the Mushrooms Duo project was for us something special. We wanna make some good looking house & feeder and also useful. We choose the shape of the mushroom in many animations we see how small animals hide under the mushroom. What means useful? Sometimes, we want to clean or birdhouse or add food for birds. To make it easier and still strong we design a twisted up mushroom roof, always just twist up and add food for your bird family. Check the photo for reference to how it looks closer. There is also special designed hinges to hold house. You need use screws nails with diameter 8mm need big to strong hold, also recommend print red hinge using ABS, but your choice.

All project is so big and get full our Printer which has bed size 300m for 250mm.

Step 2: Settings

Like we know every 3D printer is different we will share our settings but it doesn’t mean our setting will work better than yours.

Printer: Qidi X-MAX

Filament: Sunlu Wood PLA

Slicer: Cura

Retraction Distance: 3mm

Retraction Speed: 30mm/s

Layer Height: 0.3mm

Wall Line Count: 4

Top Layers: 3

Bottom Layers: 2

Print Thin Wall: Yes

Infill Density: 10% - 20%

Infill Pattern - Gyroid

Z Seam Alignment: Sharpest Corner

Seam Corner Preference: None

Print Speed: 40mm/s

Minimum Layer Time: 20s

Printing Temp: 195 C

Build Plate Temp: 50 C

Support: Zig Zag

Step 3: Sanding

Ok, after a very long print time for post-processing. Most of the time print come great straight from the printer. On the print, you can find strings and blobs just sand them using sandpaper or even nail files.

Step 4: Staining

After the Sanding time for staining this step is also important stain close micro-holes on the model which make more windproof later. We want everything best for our friends. The plan is stain base with colour Teak and house covers we used Dark Oak colour.
Just grab the sponge and apply a stain on the model. Apply few layers on print just remember to give a little bit of time to dry every layer. This step required a little more time, but staining gives our house a beautiful look.

Step 5: Waxing

Polishing with Bee Wax improve the waterproof and windproof of our house and feeder. We used 100% Organic Bee Wax. After a few tests, we just grab a little more than raw wood and apply it to the model. Apply a layer and leave for a little bit you can use the hairdryer to make it faster after use a kitchen towel to take off excess wax do it few times after leaving the design to cure around 24-48h.

Step 6: Tips (House Insulation)

This just tip we cannot use because we don't have a dog or cat. If you wanna make easier life for birds you can try house insulation just use animal fur to glue it to inside walls. When I was younger I saw how a bird takes a little bit of fur from my dog and fly away. :p Just remember to use toxin-free glue we recommend Wood glue.

Step 7: Finish

Why now finish our project. The holes for screws is 8mm. Just leave few days your Birdhouse to be sure all will sure dry and become smells less. Everything for safe our small friends. We don't have the possibility for now hang it, why we will send to our friends.

Please follow us for more instrutables. Visit our store for more great ideas which you can print at home for home. Thank you for your time and see you soon. :)

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    7 days ago on Step 7

    Sometimes I really wish I had a 3D printer! This is very cool, and love the organic design!


    Reply 7 days ago

    On 3D Printer you can do everything. We really recommend you can do a lot of things for home, greenhouse just hold you imagination. Thank you for your comment ❤️❤️ Verbal Support make us stronger and we know, we should continue our mission.

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    8 days ago

    That's a fun idea! I hope the birds like it :)


    Reply 8 days ago

    We, also hope so they will like new home. Thank you for comment ❤️❤️