Introduction: Music Cube, Inspired by Diresta Puzzle Box

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So... i know i have a trend here, but this is another project resurrected from the dead. Few years ago i wanted to make a boombox, more traditional look, but all custom. I bought all the necessary parts. And then, the Li-on battery was used elsewhere. And as always, everything went to a sudden freezing point. But, couple of days ago i remembered that i have made few puzzle boxes, inspired by Direstas video, of puzzle boxes. So i decided to combine two. Anyway, if you want to make few of those boxes, check out Direstas channel on youtube. My video DIY is attached above i guess :D But for more detailed, or somewhat detailed instructable follow me.

Step 1: You Will Need


Speakers. In my case pioneer car speakers. You can pick them up for less than 40$. Used maybe for ±10$

Audio amplifier. on eBay it costs around 3$ . You just have to match speaker power to the amplifier

Mp3 module. Another 3 $.

4 buttons. 2$ on eBay. I used "fancy" arcade style buttons. Buttons can be avoided if you will use buttons from mp3 module. In this way you will save a lot of time because, no soldering buttons in the hard to reach places, and cutting nice holes.

Power supply. I guess you can get it for free. 12 V supplies are common for a lot of devices, and if you make anything you will have spare ones.

A little bit of wire. Free, well 1$ at most if you have none.

USB female to male wire.2$. Again, if you choose not to hide mp3 module, you will not need this.

Solder. I guess you have it.

Glue. Paint, and the BOX. if you do not have enclosure. You have to check Direstas channel on youtube. He is amazing but, any box will work.




Drill bits

Soldering iron

Wire cutters

Step 2: Speaker and Button Install

If you had the box, or made it. Then on the sides you have to drill the holes for the speakers. Measure what you will need and cut the holes. It is fairly simple project. :)

After cutting the holes, insert speakers, connect pre drill mounting holes. And install everything in place. I left them in place during whole process, the smart thing would be to remove them, because during drilling and sanding and filing you can damage them. :)

Next you would have to cut the holes for the buttons. Simple as that :) just measure what size spade bit you will need. They fit like it is their home :)

Step 3: Usb and Screen Openings

Now, you have to choose where you want your usb stick to go. I chose to put it from the top. So i had to make a hole in which male to female usb wire would fit. I drilled few holes and the rest was squared up with a file. I am sure there is easier way to do this. I have not searched for it :D

Next fink about screen placement. My front or the top was obvious choices. Again i chose the top. Again, same procedure. Drilled some holes and squared them up with a file.

For a future if you will use thick particle board as i have. the screen has not long enough leads. So it will not fir through the board. Don't be lazy as i was. Desolder it And prolong the leads. It will look a lot better. My attempt to bevel the hole ended in somewhat of disaster :)

Step 4: Power Switch, Supply, and Volume Control, Amplifier

So what is written in the tittle, have to find their place on the bottom half of the box. So back side is obvious choice for power line to come in. Drill a hole according to your wire thickness, put cable through. Tie a knot, so it would stay in place. Drill a hole in the back plate for the power button. Square it up, put the button in.

And at last, drill a hole for the pot to go through. Counter sink it. If the board is too thick, so pot knob could fit inside, and also, for the nut to go on.

Since the input for the amplifier is on the front, you have to pick, either desolder the potentiometer, on the audio jack. Your choice completely. I suggest to desolder input jack, and solder wires in place. Pot is very sensitive. In the picture i desoldered pot. But after testing i switched.

Step 5: Mp3 Module

So this step is least documented since i done this years ago. But idea is i soldered wires to the button pads. So i can connect external buttons. Soldered power wires to the mp3 player and output channels.

Step 6: Connections to Amplifier

Since you have your power line inside. Connect negative wire to a amplifier directly, positive wire goes to a switch. And from switch to a positive amplifier input.

Connect output from mp3 module to a amplifier input.

Solder buttons to a mp3 module.

And connect the power. You can tap directly in to the amplifiers line, since you will need to power the both at the same time.

Step 7: And Music

Connect to halves of the box to create music cube. Paint it, decorate it.

From this little thing, i have a lot of good sound, since the speakers are designed for the car, the enclosure does not really matter and it still makes lots of good sound. For cheap. Anyway, if i would make it again, i would start with desoldering the screen from mp3 module. Cause my deep hole is looking not as good as i could. But other than that, you might have everything you need for this project in your parts bin. You can use that old mp3 player that you do not use anymore. Just brake it apart and make something :) cheers