Music Reacting Circuit

Introduction: Music Reacting Circuit

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Ever seen a stereo or a sound system with bars that reflect the beat of the music. This circuit does much the same thing.This is done through a loop that observes changes in loudness and lights a number of LED's that corresponds to that change.

In the video you will see how the code works and see it respond to voice and music.

Components Used:

•Arduino Uno

•400pts Breadboard

•Jumper Wire

•Microphone Module

•4 x LED (5mm)

•4 x Resistor 300Ω

p.s: too easy for ya?, well its a part of a free, fully documented (programs+schematics) online course designed to get young kids into electronics, so if you think it's any good pass it on?

Handouts + Schematics available on for free download

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    7 years ago

    Nice idea I'm going to make this whit a cool case ;)