Introduction: My Chickens Coop

please excuse me for the wrong translation. My English is very bad, and I hope you understand my presentation ...

My chicken coop built in reclaimed wood pallets.

1. The frame is Made in 30mm X 50mm batten.

2. All visible parts of the exterior are Made reclaimed wood pallets.

3. The roof is made with plywood 12 mm and covered with tar paper for sealing.

4. All parts are screwed with stainless steel screws, No nails were used in order to easily change a board structure without using a hard nail that could damage the adjacent boards.

5.The henhouse legs are 70mm X 70mm poles

6. The two sides of the "basement" are polycarbonate plate (falls my remaining construction of a greenhouse)

Step 1: The Facade :

7. The front includes an automatic door that opens with a rear wiper motor salvaged from a Renault Megane and controlled by a light switch. When it's sunset the door comes down and back along the grain tank cover

Step 2: The Closure System of the Grain Tank

Step 3: The Left Side

on the left side is fixed the nest where the hens come gently place their good eggs.

You can see on this pictures they are very curious and comes immediatly to see what I'm doing ...

Step 4: The Hatchery Roof Opens to Facilitate Eggs Collection

Step 5: The Right Side :

On the right side of the chicken coop,I set a trap visit to remove the floor which is a "drawer" to easily change the soiled straw.

Step 6: The Back Side:

On the back of the chicken coop, I made a small window with a sliding cover for the ventilation of the "bedroom" of the "girls".

In the lower part, a double door is installed for the access of the "basement" where I installed a tray with a mixture of sand and fireplace ashes where my roll in can be protected even if the weather is rainy. This mixture is dry and they love to roll in ...

Step 7: The Electrical Part:

Supply :
-1 220V transformer output 12V 4A

-1 Kit MK125 Velleman twilight switch (Kit to mount) 12 V / DC

- 2 Relay 12V / 10A

-1 Waterproof box Legrand kind bypass

-1 Wiper motor 12V car recovery -2: Limit switch

-2 Limit Switches

Step 8: Some Additional Pictures ...

On the left of the chicken coop, the drinker is made with PVC pipes of 100 mm diameter. 3 nipples are attached below. The tube contains a total of 20 liters of water which is more than enough for the chickens of three weeks. The grain tank contains 10 kg of grains.

Step 9:

Small change in the henhouse: I board added a small roof over the front door of the ladies as the rain returned inside during storms ...

Now the litter remains dry whatever the weather ...

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