Introduction: My Electric Foundry

I build an electric foundry designed to melt 4kg of aluminium in a ingot.

power: 1800w

ceramic whool.

inox steel case.

kanthal a1 24 wire.

Step 1: Making the Coils

I use a electric drill with a steel rod to make the coils. two coils of 900w each

Step 2: Making the Steel Case.

In order to have the maximun eficiency, i designed a long crucible steel for high surface too heat.

Some exterior parts like the bottom and the top are made form aluminium sheet

Step 3: Insulation

ceramic whool. take care when manipulating ceramic whool. its like fiberglass

Step 4: Finished and First Test.

It works pretty well, i get so hot that melt the bottom of the steel crucible, i should buy a graphite crusible and try to melt steel in there.

thanks for watching