Introduction: My First Ever Pumpkin Sculpture

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Yes, I know, Halloween is over. But it only comes once a year and a year is a long time to wait. And due to illness, I have not really been able to celebrate as much as I would like to this year.

When I got this little pumpkin out of the fridge ready to cook it up, it just begged to be carved first. And who am I to deny a last request? So I decided to try my hand at pumpkin sculpting.

Step 1: The Tools

The only tools I had to work with to carve my pumpkin were an ordinary kitchen knife and this little chisel that I found amongst some of my father's old tools that I still have lying around here. Would they be enough? I would just have to wait and see.

Step 2: The Design

I began by removing the skin, then scratching out a basic design with my chisel.

Step 3: Deepening the Lines

I then began to deepen the lines, slowly.

Step 4: Trouble

It soon became clear that I was in trouble. My face was not taking shape very well. Drastic measures would have to be taken to make it work. So, I began slicing away larger chunks of pumpkin.

Step 5: How Deep Can You Go?

I still wasn't happy with what I was seeing and I was running out of pumpkin. I couldn't cut much deeper.

Step 6: Is It Time to Give Up Yet?

Taking out my frustration now by hacking at the pumpkin. No good can come from this.

Step 7: Don't Ever Give Up!

And the final result is....

Pretty awesome! After lighting up my pumpkin I got a big surprise. It actually looked really cool!

It just goes to show, you should never give up. :0)

Step 8: And Finally...

He went to join Jack in the happy pumpkin patch in the sky. Hey, we all end up there eventually.