Introduction: My Foam Robot


1 large foam core

4 batteries

3 servo motors

2 wheels

1 transmitter

1 piece of metal (weapon)

4-5 Lego blocks


Hot glue

Exacto knife

Cutting board

Screw driver

Step 1: Step 2: Body Design.

I designed to make the robot kind of small and quick. I designed to put 2 wheels each sides and one weapon in the front, and I’ll put the battery and transmitter in the middle of the body.

Step 2: Step 3: Body Construction.

I have three servo motors on my robot, and I put two of them to connect the wheels on each side, and I put the other one in the front to connect the weapon, which is the metal piece. Batteries are put in the middle, and I also put some Lego blocks on the back side of the robot to gain some weight for it in order to make sure it won’t get knocked down easily. I also extended the foam core on the back of the robot for the same purpose. It can be the support of the whole body of the robot when it got crushed by other robots.

Step 3: Step 4: Wheel Mounting.

I have two wheels on my robot, and one on each side. I chose a kinda big one to make the robot more stable and cool.

Step 4: Step 5: Remote Control.

For some reasons, the remote controller is vice versa to the robot, that means I need to rotate the direction of the remote to control it. It looks kinda weird but it doesn’t impact too much.

Step 5: Step 6: Drive

Because my sickness, I was absent on the competition day, so my friend helped me to drive the robot. It was a pity, but I will definitely drive the next one we are going to build.