Introduction: My Fun Floppy Useless Mallet

This instructable is pointless but very fun and changes you perspective about a mallet

Step 1: A Design

You will need to choose a design I chose a mallet because it shows that mallets are normally hard but I made it soft showing you a different perspective.(original choice was a drill but I found that a bit hard. Please post a comment and a picture if you make anything different).

Step 2: Materials

You Will Need:

A pair of fabric cutting scissors

White fabric(a bag??)

White cotton with a needle

Colour paints (any colours for your design)

Step 3: Drawing and Cutting

Now that you have chosen a design and got your materials its time to draw very carefully your design. I used a bag for fabric because it has to be doubled so you get a replica (you don't need to use a bag but its easier).

Ok, now cut it out as you can see I drew two lines make sure you do the same and cut only the outside line.

Your result should be two images of the same design.

Step 4: Sewing

Ok, now sew the corners (as your can see I have already done the edge)

make sure you cut then like the picture so it is 3d. Make sure you keep the top unsewn so you can stuff it.

Step 5: Finished Product (for Now)

Ok all the sewing is finished and now its time to stuff this whole instructable (literally). I used chopped up bits of fabric but I believe cotton wool balls would work best.

Step 6: Paint

Now choose your paint colours and paint away!

Step 7: Last Step

Ok all finished hope you like it and please vote for me in the contest

thanks for viewing

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