Introduction: My Indoor Garden

I love all the pop up contests on Instructables. They help clear up my to do list. Since September i am thinking of decorating my new apartment - however due to some reason was not able to do so. Due to this indoor gardening contest i put some extra effort to plant all these things.

I planted

• A miniature garden (Theme:Home Sweet Home)
• String Garden. (I have already posted instructables for this)
• Soil less Lily in different pots
• Wheat grass in beautiful bowl
• Planted few plants in used tin cans

I am describing all the (DIY) steps below..

Step 1: Preparing Pot for Wheat Grass & Miniature Garden

Things required:

  • Jar/Planters-I got them on clearance sale
  • Pea gravel
  • Charcoal
  • Decorative Rocks
  • Soil


  • Take jar pour an even layer of pea gravel
  • Then add charcoal layer
  • Then 1/2 inch layer of soil

Pea gravel and charcoal will retain all excess water. Pot is ready.

Step 2: Wheat Grass Planting


  • Wheat grass seeds
  • Pot ready to be planted(Jar prepared in step 2)


To start planting we need to soak wheat seed in water for at least 12 hrs.Drain water and keep seeds aside. Now take jar which is prepared in step 2 and spread seeds evenly on soil. Now spread soil on top of that .Top layer of soil shouldn't be more thicker than 1/4'.

In pictures I have shown level of growth.

I have harvested one batch for juice. Juice was a little bit sweet or bland i cant exactly express flavor. Its healthy so I had it.

Step 3: Miniature Garden: Making Ornaments

Mushroom Shaped Garden Dinning Table Set:

I bought oven baked clay. This kind of clay can be formed into desired shapes and then bake it according to instructions. I have seen this mushroom shape table somewhere and wanted to make one. First take a small amount of clay. Roll it into a ball shape. Then press it in your palm and turn into saucer shape. Then take a very small amount of clay to make dots on top of the saucer. Make a cylindrical stand for the mushroom. I baked the stem and top of mushroom separately and glued it . Also had a leaf shape soap case which I thought will make a good ground for my miniature dining area so instead of keeping soap used it for decor. After baking added two coats of red color.


For tortoise take a small amount of clay. Make a round shape and then press it in your palm to make a saucer. Press in the middle to give curve. Make a little point on the side to show it as the back of tortoise.Then take another approx same quantity of clay and roll it to round shape then press it to a saucer shape. Then try to turn that saucer shape into 'X '. These four sides will be the legs of the tortoise. take another small amount of clay to make the mouth of the tortoise . Shape it according to picture . Now join all these together. Also make some carving on shell to give more particular look. Bake it in the oven and color according to you. I colored this in blue as it was my son's choice.(I have tried to take pics on play doh).

Step 4: Miniature Garden: Making Ornaments Continued......

Lamp Post:

I used empty shells of tea light candles. Cut the vertical sides of the tea light candle .You will get a straight sheet , now take a tooth pick roll sheet on tooth pick and remove tooth pick this will act as stand for lamp post.

To make a curve shape of lamp post I used spare wire string . I don't know exact name of it however it is use to tie toys to their boxed or wires are tied with this.You can see in the picture. I made a curved 'M" shape then tuck the middle of M into the stand i made .

At both end of the 'M' I inserted Candle wick holder and secure it. I still have to buy pearls to imitate bulb on it.

Pedestrian Bridge:

Had some wooden small blocks which I used to make bridge. First cut a small strip (12 cm x 1cm ) of plastic from a plastic bottle. I glued wooden blocks using glue gun on the strip. Left edge on each side as it has to go into soil. Then painted it with mud brown color.

Step 5: Miniature Garden: Making Ornaments Continued......

Hut (House):

I took 2 wooden blocks from one of my baby's toy. One square and one triangle, glued them together then painted windows, door and roof. House is ready.

Planter stand:

I wanted to make a planter in my mini garden have tried a few things but was not coming out properly. Then I saw handle of broom. I thought it will act great for a planter stand. Collected a few baby food spoon and a few marble. Cut the handle of spoon and glued it in the loop of the broom handle. Fill some sheet moss in the spoon to show greenery. Also colored the whole thing. Glued a marble on top.

Step 6: Miniature Garden: Setting Stage

To set up I have already made a picture what and where things need to be placed in my garden. First made a ground using sheet moss to place hut then using decorative rocks made river and boundary of the garden.Then planted all small plant to remaining area. Placed dining table at one corner. Set the bridge over the river and placed tortoise on one side. Fix Lamp post on other side. House on the grassy area and mushroom dinning set on other side of river. Also had some decorative miniature like santa and strawberry. Santa get a new placement every day by my kid. Yippee my miniature garden is ready for display.

Step 7: String Plants

I have already posted a tutorials for this however I am again posting an overview.

You will need:

1.Sheet moss (Easily available at wal-mart or any garden supply store)

2.Yarn/String (I had some yarn available at home so used them)

3.Plant (I chooses succulent plant as they will take less maintenance )



Take required quantity of sheet moss and dip completely in water. Would advise to take smaller quantity to avoid mess.Take out plant from pot . Remove excess soil . Leave enough soil to cover roots of plant. Take out enough sheet moss from water and cover the soil area of plant. After covering with sheet moss tie it with string. Please note tie the sheet moss not the plant. Leave desired length of string as per your choice. Dip plant in water and take it out to drain excess water.

Step 8: Lily Bulb on Pebbles

Things required:

  • Lily Bulbs.
  • Decorative rocks/pebbles/Gel balls.
  • Jars.


Take the jar and put rocks into it. Now fill it with water . Water should be a little below rocks. Now place lily bulb on top of that.

Step 9: Small Tin Can Planters

I had several container of tomato paste and condensed milk. They look lovely. I planted some herbs and succulent and keep it on the window.

Step 10: Final Setup

In the pic you can see on the left is hindu temple made of cardboard. On the right Christmas tree. In the center- Miniature Garden,wheat grass plant and another succulent plant. On the window small plant pots. And hanging from ceiling are string plants.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my instructables.

Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you.

Thanks for visiting.

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