Introduction: My Irish Grandmothers Italian Sauce

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My grandmother loved to cook for her family. When she passed away we had to clean out get apartment and since no one in my family cooks my wife and I inherited all her kitchen things.

While cleaning out the kitchen we found in the freezer a Tupperware of her spaghetti sauce.

That week my wife and I had pasta and garlic bread with broccoli (which was also in my grandmother's fridge).

It was the last meal my grandmother cooked for me. That sauce has become very special to me. And I would like to share it with the Instructables community.

Step 1: Ingredients

1 yellow onion
several cloves of garlic
kosher salt to taste
pepper to taste
basil and/or oregano to taste
tomato puree (can use fresh tomatoes in addition or instead of)
hot or sweet Italian sausage (the not-so secrets ingredient)

Step 2: Prep

If using fresh basil wash and slice
dice onion
crush garlic cloves with side of knife
dice garlic

Step 3: Brown Sausage

Brown the sausage in a large stock pot.

Step 4: Sauté Onions and Garlic

add onion and garlic to pot stir till garlic begins to brown.

Step 5: Add Tomato

Add the tomatoes. Add some water as well.

Step 6: Stir and Season

Turn up the heat and stir in the basil, salt, and pepper.

Step 7: Slow Simmer

After the sauce comes to a boil stir well and turn down to a simmer.
Slow simmer for several hours. I've had better results covering it.

Step 8: Enjoy

Enjoy with your favorite pasta and favorite people.

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