Introduction: My Luv for Peacock (20 Hours Work With Dancing Peacock)!

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Peacock, as per me the most beautiful bird! Ofcourse, every other bird stands unique in its own and Peacock with its large colourful feathered wings are truly elegant

I have more childhood memories (during summer vacation) listening to their sounds from the terrace at the village where my parents were born. I used to eagerly collect peacock feathers from the farm land we have at the village...

Hmmm... lot more to cherish :) !!!

Now, let get into our story about the tutorial with Peacock theme painting through my first-ever canvas attempt!

Here, i wanted to prepare three canvas painting:

1. Peacock head with major torquoise color

2. Peacock feather with purple/voilet as major

3. Mandala Dot art resembling Peacock wings

Why three colours? because if we make in one single colour it wont be interested to view, when we stick them to the walls.


Canvas board

Acrylic paints

Paint brush





Lot of patience, which tests our impatience

Careful painting over the canvas board :)

Step 1: Peacock Head : Lets Start With Preparatory Steps

1. We may have to draw border lines, so that we are more careful and see to make the painting fit into the canvas.

Step 2: Peacock Head : Sketching

We can refer to some pictures in internet and draw a rough and then a detailed picture, of the Peacock!

Step 3: Peacock Head : Painting - Phase I

For painting, i have used a single paint brush with long and sleek bristles and alternatively used old sketch pen to paint on the lines/small parts.

To create various colour patterns in peacock which is not readily available in usual colours, i have done mixing of few colours.

Step 4: Peacock Head : Painting - Phase II

Step 5: Peacock Head : Painting - Phase III

Step 6: Peacock Head : Painting - Phase IV

Step 7: Peacock Head : Painting - Phase V

Step 8: Peacock Head : Painting - Phase VI

Step 9: Sketching a Single Feather of Peacock!

Step 10: Peacock Feather : Painting - Phase I

Step 11: Peacock Feather : Painting - Phase II

Step 12: Peacock Feather : Painting - Phase III

Step 13: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Sketching

Let's Start With Initial Bordering, to the Canvas!

1. Draw diagonal line, from the sides to find the center point

2. From the center point, draw concentric cirles with 5 mm apart

Step 14: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Gather Tools

We gonna make this mandala dot art, with tools available around. As we require dot(circles) pattern across the painting, we would require tools with flat tip/bottom to dip into paint and apply into the canvas.

Step 15: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Colour Choice

In order to do on canvas, first i tried with a paper and tried multiple colour templates to see how one colour suits with the other (especially while double layering).

I arranged colour bottles in a line, to avoid confusion with similar looking colours.

Below are the colour pattern i have listed in order from the lower layer to top layer(at the outer circle).

Light green ->Dark blue ->Metallic yellow -> Turquoise -> Light blue -> Sky blue -> Violet

Step 16: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase I

Phase I starts with center point coloured with turquoise, and adding dot patterns with green variant with dots sparingly placed at alternate point location across the patterns.

Dark Green


SAP green

Light green

are some of the variants i used for the inner block of this canvas.

Step 17: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase II

Phase II starts with double colour, that is layering one colour over the other.

Step 18: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase III

Finishing the main colour, light green over the circles.

Step 19: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase IV

Lets finish the Dark Blue, on top of light green across all the circles.

Dark blue -> Light green

Step 20: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase V

Mettalic yellow -> Dark blue -> Light green

Step 21: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase VI

Turquoise -> Mettalic yellow -> Dark blue -> Light green

Step 22: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Phase VII

And completing the remaining phase with colour layering :

Violet -> Sky blue -> Light blue -> Turquoise -> Mettalic yellow -> Dark blue -> Light green

Step 23: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Bordering Canvas

For bordering, i marked 5mm apart points with pencil and applied dot art on top with light green at the sides and dark blue over the border lines.

Step 24: Peacock Wings : Mandala Dot Art - Painting - Completing the Layering

For outer layering, i used :

Dark green


Step 25: Pebble Art : Peacock Pattern

Step 26: And Finally....

Step 27: Conclusion!

Step 28: But Wait...

As i was unhappy with the result of the mandala dot art i wanted to create a new one with full peacock opening its wings and posing straight to us, in most green (like planned for mandala art).

I used some pictures and videos as reference from internet and did my sketch and painting.

Do you know, it took almost more than 20 hours for me to make it. More detailing required in the picture actually.

Step 29: Dancing Peacock : Sketching

At first i drew a rough image with pencil, and to make both sides symmetrical i used ruler to take measurements across. Even for wings partition with feathers i marked positions in outer curve 1.2 cms apart so it brings neatness in the final picture.

One more thing, initially i made x-y axis line intersecting at center point and drew the picture from that so that we get symmetrical peacock.

Step 30: Dancing Peacock : Painting - Phase I

For Painting, i would be using green as major in this picture as i have made the other two canvas with :



Phase I starts with painting the center portion where for the main body i used Dark blue and Greenery' green for the saddle part. On top of it for the blue across the body, i coated with turquoise at the sides so that it is more brighter and more of peacock's colour.

Crest is also made with double color - Dark green and turquoise. I did not use dark blue here, as it will get confused with the eye on the feathers later on.

Step 31: Dancing Peacock : Painting - Phase II

In phase II we shall do:

Thigh to toe

Stem on the wings

Thigh to toe, will be made with ivory/golden yellow. At first i made with ivory, later by seeing brightness changed to golden yellow with turquoise on the sides.

Stem on the wings - Ivory

Barbs and barbules - Brown

Later barbules will be additionally coated with greenery'green and violet.

Step 32: Dancing Peacock : Painting - Phase III

Here in phase III, we will focus on:

Eye on the wings

Saddle on the body

Eye on the tip of each feather is varied in length by increasing and decreasing the eye on the feather. And also each eye is spaced sparingly so it gives much better look when finishing with paint. Eye is coated with greenery green as main colour.

Saddle on the body is painted with Greenery green + metallic yellow mix. Along with that the curves are drawn with Turquoise.

Step 33: Dancing Peacock : Painting - Phase IV

Phase IV will be about :

Enhancing the wings, which is the major attraction in the peacock's body.

After completing the greenery green for the eyes i used violet to add barbles to the eyes on the tip and on top of violet, i applied greenery green as barbles as well.

So totally:

Each eye will have greenery green on the center and brown, violet and greenery green at the barbs of each eye on the tip.

Step 34: Dancing Peacock : Painting - Phase V

For completing the eyes on the feather, we will use :

Violet as a dot at the center of the greenery green eyes.

On top of violet, we will use Metallic yellow

At last at the center of the eye we will use Dark green.

So finally, each eye will have:

Greenery green -> Violet -> Metallic yellow -> Dark green

Step 35: Dancing Peacock : Painting - Phase VI

After completing the peacock part, i started to paint the environment around the peacock:

Sky blue for the sky

Brown and golden yellow for the open spaces

SAP green for grasses on the grounds

Stem of small plants on the ground, with Dark green and colours such as orange, pink, dark rose, golden yellow, lemon yellow, red, marron for the flowers on the ground.

Step 36: The Completed Dancing Peacock!

Step 37: Showcase!

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