Introduction: My Modded PC - Super Cooler V.3

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Its my Normal Cabinet (Purchased at 800/-) Based Computer, Where I Installed (a.k.a - Modded) to put/add 10 Cooling Apart from the CPU Cooler & SMPS, Its Just the Video of Final Build. ver.-3..
Though, think of create version.4 where I m planning to add 3 (three) more Cooling FANs
Now, U guys can ask, Whats so new abt it, we every now n then put extra cooling in our cabs ri8?? Well, yea.. but I added all my cooling in a Cheapest Cab that available in market, and, I installed LED(s) too..
Currently it has,
1x140mm 4 Colored LED Fan
3x30mm Blue LED Fan
1x60mm FAN
5x80mm Case FAN
Planned, to add, 3x30mm Blue LED Fan
Planned to add, 1x60mm Blower
Planned to add 1x80mm TOP Fan

I 4get to mention, its a Gaming PC, So Spec are..

AMD Athlon II x4 620BE, ASUS DDR3 Board, 4G Corsair DDR3 1600, 500G HDD, DVDRW, XFX 4890 1G DDR5, 600wt iBALL SLI,
Processor Cooler : Deepcool Gamma Archer 120mm
Modded 19 USB Downlinks
Modded 25 LEDs On Cab