My Skateboard

Introduction: My Skateboard

My elaboration:
Hello every judge, this is my work. Please allow me to show you and give you a concise presentation.

Firstly, I use nine cuboids to form a basic skateboard surface. Severally according to their standard size. And then, I choose four models, the shape of the half circle, and group them to build the new shape.

Secondly, combine the nine models with 12 door locks to make it more firm. Thirdly, add wheels to my skateboard. Until now, the whole skateboard can be counted as complete.

Last but not least, to design my board. I prefer light gray and simple styles, therefore, the main style is settled as you can see in picture. Besides, I engraved my English name——”winifred” on the skateboard, and use stars and red hearts to decorate.

This is my work, that’s all. Thank you for browsing.

PS:The last picture is my final product.

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