Introduction: My Thin Cheese Burgers

This is another one of my easy recipes for a lunch idea that can last for days (9 burgers).

People like burgers. Some people, love them. I can eat one every day.

Quick History:

The concept for the burger came from Hamburg Germany. However, the hamburgers we have today have evolved since then.

Today, you go buy a burger, IMHO (In my humble opinion) your basically getting a beef patty with lettuce, tomato, cheese and maybe some mayo, if you let them (because they do it even when you don't ask for it at some places).

That being said, I prefer the (what I call) "Ye old fashioned Cheese Burger".

Disclaimer: I read about other people doing the zip lock method online. This is not an entirely original idea. Still, it's a good one, popular with kids and family.

Here's how I do it.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Half (1/2 or .5) Green pepper

2. As much black pepper as you like. Black pepper is said to speed up you metabolic system and help you lose weight. I do not know if that's true.

3. Four cloves of garlic - minced

4. Half an onion minced - I use about a cup of dried onions because they last longer

5. About a pound of chicken - Here's the thing, My wife has problems (its complicated) with pork and beef most of the time. So we are trying something different this time. Usually I prefer to use beef but any ground meat works for this process.

6. About a tablespoon of olive oil

7. Salt - I like to add just half (1/2) Teaspoon

Step 2: Direction: A

A. After prepping your ingredients, mix them into a bowl very well.

B. Now place your mix into a very large double zip lock bag.

C. Platen the bag, paying attention to filling the corners and getting all the air out of the bag until its completely filled and flattened.

D. You can use any kind of stick like utensil for this next step (I use a chopstick). Divide the bag into nine (9) patties. Do it a few times, so as to leave an impression.

E. Then fold the bag and lay it flat in the freezer.

Step 3: Direction: B

A. Take your meat out of the freezer when your ready and Cut out a few patties with a pair of scissors.

B. Peel the plastic off and throw the frozen patties in a pan or on the grill on a medium heat. They cook fast and only need 3 minutes max on either side if the pan is already hot and the meat isn't completely frozen. If frozen, just keep an eye on it.

C. After the first flip, stab a hole in the middle to allow juices to prevent it from rising.

D. Three minutes or so on the other side, and your burgers are done. Now to make it a real cheese burger you just need add your condiments.

Step 4: Thanks

Thank you; for every comment, for taking the time to learn or to see how someone else does it. I may not be completely original but I hope to at least shed some light on the subject and or maybe make it easy for someone in some way. Please Enjoy your food and use your palate when you cook, test your food.


Step 5: