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Introduction: My Way

This is a STEAM course class, where I took Rapid Protyping. In that class what I did was to create something useful for the new space my school will be moving in. Since the Unit was learning about tools, safety, hackerspaces and the reuse of materials, I decided to reuse a microphone stand and use that to mimic a street sign, that way the students can be able to find their way in the new space. Creating the stand wasn't as hard as I though it would be, since I used simple materials and reused other stuff. Hopefully when people see this project, they can view my work and get inspired and reuse things to make something usefull you might need.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

The materials that you are going to need to complete this project are:

1. A ruler

2. Markers

3. scissors

4. Box cutter

5. cardboard

6. Tape

7. Microphone stand

Step 2: Cutting the Signs

1.To craete the signs what you will do is get the cardboard and with your ruler you will start your measurements.

2.The measurements for the rectangle part is 9 inches wide and 5 inches tall.

3.The triangle part is 5 inches tall and 8 inches.

4.Put the triangle and rectangle together and you have yourself an arrow sign.

5. Repeat this process as many times as the number of signs you want.

Step 3: Signs

Once you know what you want to put on your signs, get the colored marker you want and add the words you want.

Step 4: Tape

Once you are done with your signs, you can tape it to the microphone stand. What I will do to make sure the sign stays on the pole is have two meduim sized pieces of tape and tape it horizontaly. You then will have a very long piece of tape and tape it vertically.

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