Introduction: My White Stepped House

I fell in love with a house I had seen in Google which inspired me to make the digital form of it. I call it “ The White Stepped House” because it has rooms stacked one obove the other like steps from which we can occupy less space and accomodate a larger number of people.

Step 1: Getting All Things in the Workplace

First and the foremost thing was getting all the objects needed to complete the project in the workplace. So that it was easy for me to assemble and make my project.

Things and their use:

1. Rectangle- To make the walls, swimming pools, doors, boundary wall, bed, car, washroom.

2. Chair- To make the beach chair.

3. Cylinder- To make the fountain.

4. Sofa- As the objects in the drawing room

5. Wedge- To give car the shape.

6. Dice - It is used as a pillow in the bed.

7. Round Roof- Shape the car

8. Sculpture- To decorate the drawing room

9. Stairs- To reach the bedroom

10. Lamp-To add an object in the bedroom

11.Long Table-To put as as decorative item in the drawing room

Step 2: Getting the Swimming Pool Ready

First, I assembled 2 rectanges to the workplace. I took the first rectangle and made it flat then duplicated it and shortened it 2cm from each side and changed the colour to blue to show it as the water. Then, I took the second rectangle to make the stand of the springboard and duplicated it and rotated from the top and made the springboard.

For giving the finishng touch I combined everything (using the grouping tool) and to give the swimming pool it’s colour I used the multicolour tool.

Step 3: Making the Garage and the Car

For making the car and garage I first made the small room in which car can be parked.

Then, for the car I assembled 2 rectangles, 2 wedges, 4 cylinder. I took the rectangle and made the dimensions 52*23 as the base and then took the second rectangle 22*20 to give the shape of tothe car. Then I took the wedge (blue colour) to make the frot and back windsheild and combined everything and my car was ready.

Step 4: Making the Bedroom, Drawing Room and the Store Room

Making the bedroom is the most enjoyable and thoughtful part. I designed it just as my dream house. It contains a table, bed, lamp, sidetable and a cupboard.

For making the room first I took a rectangle and enlarged it then duplicated it, and shortened it 2 cm from eachside. The duplicated the rectangle and made it a hole and combined the hole and the rectangle so that the real rectangle turns hollow. Then i added the decorations and the accessories and I followed the same way for the drawing room and the store room.

Step 5: Getting Ahead With the Fountain

For making the fountain first I took the cylinder and duplicated it as a hole, and the cylinder was made hollow using the hole. Now i took another cylinder and made it blue in colour and fitted it in the hollow part, as water. Then I attached the stick in the middle using the align tool and combined everything using the grouping tool.

Step 6: Getting the Base Ready

For making the base used reactangles and stairs. For making the shed I used 3 rectangles. 2 for making the pole and 1 for making the roof.

For making the stairs to climb up. I used 2 rectangles as the railing and combined rectangles to make the stairs.

Step 7: Combining All the Things

For making my house ready I combined all the things which i had made....

It turned out to be really good that I expected it to be...

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