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About: Hello, call me Bre, I'm the owner and artist behind Brefelan Designs. I namely specialize in abstract art and steampunk props,but I work in many other genres and mediums. The main thing I strive for is to comb…

A collection of pictures, covering my workspace area. Also features some of my collections...

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I love pics of people's sanctums of creativity! It makes me wonder what is being created here next?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks... unfortunately several pictures didn't actually get uploaded due to an error, so I couldn't show off some of features I have in my work area, nor did I get to show off a few of the Projects In Progress (or PIPs as I call them)... Some of the features that I wasn't able to show off is the curtain rod that holds various tapes, a roll of solder, and a few other things. Neither was I really able to show the how the hanging lamp is set up, it's on a chain that is looped from the nearby curtain rod over the sliding door, to a eye hook on my main shelving piece...

    As for projects, I have a few PIPs that are in various stages of completion, along with a few that haven't been started... Including a prop for Star Wars, in the style of steampunk. (It was actually supposed to be for May 4th (Int. Star Wars Day), but I goofed up on the month, I though it was next month...though there is thankfully there is a local celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first movie, on the 25th (May).

    One of the things that will be (hopefully) coming soon is a new work area... an actual work bench! Right now I am making do with a cheap folding plastic table and all the shelving and such is made from old particle board from an old desk, that would have been tossed. I have all the measurements and plans made - the only problem is that I currently don't have the money, as I lost my job last month and I am not having much luck finding a new one.

    Anyways, thank you for commenting,
    I find you 'ibles helpful and funny (esp. the hotdog lathe ones)
    So keep up the great work and Happy Making!