Introduction: My Knex " Double Trouble"

This is my first knex mod. Based off entenie's Mac 10 I personally modified the magazine to hold 21 bullets and a part that bends out when I reload the gun, to prevent breaking of the mag. I also modded the slide to shoot paper airplanes ( see my other instruct able for that mod) besides the knex themselves. Due to lower amounts of some pieces( green rods) I changed the grip for a few white rods. Pretty sturdy still. Also if you pull back the trigger twice it can shoot two knex. Not really my doing, I just wanted to put it out there that it can shoot two if you want. However, the distance/ power is negatively affected so keep that in mind. I forgot to take pictures before I took it apart, so that's why it is not pictured here. Basically, I didn't connect the end of the front middle rod to the bottom of the mag, allowing some motion to take out the mag pusher, and it looks cooler ,too. Also stay tuned for my newest knex creation: PAPS'6