Nail Art!!!! :D



Introduction: Nail Art!!!! :D

About: My names Libby! I'm 13 and 3/4 lol! I love drawing anime art, my fav colors are aquamarine and lime green, and I'm a Christian and proud of it! :D ooh and I'm a big fan of Mark Crilley!!!!

This instructable will teach you how to do cute nail art for any occasion! ;) have fun! First paint your nails a base color, such as hot pink or red. Then get a bobby pin or a straight pin and dip it in white paint. Dot it all over your thumb nail for polka dots! Then dip a toothpick or pin in white paint and do a small V in the top corner of your index finger nail. Paint on a clear top coat, and your finished! Your ready for a party or Valentines day! ;)

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