Introduction: Nativity Crib - Upcycle Diaper Box, Pistachio Shell and Gift Bag

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This year for Christmas, I decided to use the diaper box, old gift bags like Tommy Hilfiger bags which has a brown interior and pistachio shell for making my nativity crib. I had spent a lot for other stuff for Christmas and decided to use whatever I already have to make the nativity crib and still make it as special and authentic as possible. I am glad it turned out good and wanted to share it with you guys via this instructable. Hope it helps. Thank you.

Step 1: ​Materials Required:

  1. Any old cardboard box or a Pampers Diaper Box (Size depends on how big you wish your crib to be)
  2. Old brown paper
  3. Tommy Hilfiger gift bags
  4. Glue
  5. Pistachio Shells
  6. Watercolor paint
  7. Nativity Idols
  8. Mud
  9. Wax Paper
  10. Sellotape
  11. Scissor/Knife

Step 2: Preparation Steps:

1) On the front wall of the box, make a slit on the center and base so it opens up like a door in the front. This is the front side of the crib.

2) On the top surface,make a cut on the center so u can lift it and make a triangular shape for the roof.

3) when we lift the cardboard top to form triangle, the sides wont meet so use another cardboard piece and attach it so a perfect triangular top is formed.

4) I used Tommy Hilfiger's gift bag as it has a brown interior. Squeeze the paper between your palms so it forms irregular surface.

5) Use glue and stick pistachio shells on the brown paper.

6) Stick this brown paper with the shells on the top roof.

7) Stick brown paper on all the sides of the box, inside and out.

8) Use black and brown water color and just paint on all the sides and on top of the pistachio shell irregularly. Try to be dirty and don't try to be neat so we get a nice hut look.

9) Keep a wax paper on the bottom, then spread some mud on it and place all the figurines i.e., idols, trees, etc

10) Use a star from the Christmas tree ornaments and hang it on the top roof front.

The nativity crib is now ready! God bless you all.

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