Natural Birch Bark Lamp Shade

Introduction: Natural Birch Bark Lamp Shade

A lampshade should calm you, and help direct light too. That's why a birch bark lampshade is perfect for the nature lover. Bring the outsides to you, and boost productivity! this is a really easy project, but I'd only recommend to those with LED bulbs to avoid fire hazard.

Step 1: Shade

A piece of birch bark that is think and has holes will be perfect and add some interest. I'd only recommend around 3-5 layers of paper, in order to give a warm glow. You want to wrap around the bulb, using the amp head as a guide, and glue it with wood glue or epoxy at the seam.

Step 2: Light It Up!

Enjoy you natural looking lamp. As you can see, the birch interior reflects light well, and directs the light down to the desk very well, as a regular shape would. Good luck with your lamp!

Step 3:

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