Natural Home Remedy for Chapped Lips - Clarified Butter




Introduction: Natural Home Remedy for Chapped Lips - Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is a natural home remedy for chapped lips. It helps heal the cracks formed in lips and smoothen it. It is a natural remedy which is chemical free and hence perfect for kids.

Clarified butter is a product obtained by melting butter and allowing the milk components to separate.

Its extremely easy to make it at home and I see that there are already 2 instructables published on this in this contest itself.

Step 1: Steps to Make This Awesome Home Remedy Portable

  • Take an empty or almost empty Blistex or any chap stick container and clean it
  • Just so you know which bottle is filled with actual store bought product and which contains clarified butter, i have put a sticker on the cap of the container
  • Fill the container with clarified butter and tap it down so it settles down well. Put the lid and use it whenever required :)
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