Natural River Stone Earings

Introduction: Natural River Stone Earings

Beautiful earrings are hard to come by, and avoiding boring and tacky ones is difficult.

Spruce that up with the beauty of natural river pebbles and the uniqueness of each and every stone!

River stones and pebbles can be really pretty, and they may be perfect for a beautiful set of earrings. They are a great accessory because of their simplicity, intricate patterns, practicality, and durability. This is an easy process, and produces beautiful jewelry.

Step 1: Drill Hole

Follow this guide I made for drilling the holes. Use a diamond tipped burr/hole saw and a rotary tool!

Step 2: Hooks

Throw a jump ring through the hole. Now, add an earring hook to the jump ring, making sure that the preferred side is facing the correct position when worn. This means in lose terms, each earring will be a left or right earring. Once added to the hook, bend the loop of the hook so that the stone faces in a generally presentable way, in order to correct for the angle of the ear lobe. (not usually perfect 90 degrees)

Step 3: Enjoy!

Now wear these unique and special earrings or give them as gifts. They are simple to make, yet present a natural beauty. Good luck with your earrings and source your stones responsibly!

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