Introduction: Nature Purple Around Our Lives

Purple is the most mystery color in the world, and there are lots of purple stuffs around our lives. we can use them to make plenty of interesting things.

Today, I want to introduce 3 kinds of purple in my daily life, which represent 3 different kinds of meanings about purple. You will be familiar with them once you see them.

Step 1: Three Nature Purples

As you see, they are consist of red cabbage/grapes and mulberries/Jacaranda flowers.

Crown of vegetable, means loyal.

High heel of fruits, means dignity.

Flower of petals, means romance.

Just like the meaning of purple.

Now let's see how to make it.

Firstly, use the meaning "loyal" of purple to image something.

a crown calls to my mind, what is yours?

Step 2: Find the Material

Now go anywhere to find something purple, here comes the supermarket.

I like eating red cabbage, and I think it is easier to make a sharp of crown when cutting the cabbage into strips, so I chose one of them.

Step 3: Make Shape!

Now shred the cabbage, and shape them, we can use knife and our hands to make a better shape, and what's more, add some water, to make it more beautiful.

A crown is almost done .

Step 4: Use Photoshop to Beautify It

After all these have done, don't forget to take a picture, then use PS or other pic software to beautify the picture and also we need to add the word "loyal".

Step 5: Other Details

The other two are used the same steps to make.

There are lots of purple in the world, like trees, vegetable, flowers, animals, and so on, as long as we play attention to our lives and nature.

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