Introduction: Necklace of Knots and Vintage Painted Beads

This necklace has been created by the use of knotting techniques.

Step 1: Supplies

tatting shuttles

cotton thread

crochet hook

vintage beads

Step 2: First Knot & Bead

Thread a bead on one end.

Create a ring with the first double stitch.


Part 1

1. Create a loop.

2. Clasp tightly at the intersection with the index and thumb of the left hand.

Part 2

1. With your other hand, thread the right end through the loop from back to front, reversing immediately into the newly formed loop (that is to the right of the original loop).

2. Continue pulling until the yarn is straight and taut.

3. While holding this position with both hands, push the left loop outwardly using the remaining fingers that are inside that loop.

4. This knot is the first of the double stitch.

Part 3

1. Thread the right end of the strand into the original (and taut) loop from front to back, then reverse immediately towards you through the newly created loop.

2. Pull this end tightly with your right hand and hold this position.

3. With your left hand, keep your index finger and thumb at the intersection while pushing out the original loop with the fingers inside the loop.

Step 3: Ring and Bead

Create 6 or 7 more sets of these knots on the original loop.

Pull the right end of the yarn (while your index and thumb of the left hand clasps the intersection) until the loop closes, creating a ring of double knots.

Also, thread the end through the bead (that is already on the string) and position the bead close to the ring and secure in place with a couple of knots.

Step 4: Second Ring

With the bead in place, start creating another ring.

Step 5: Split Ring

Once you have created half the number of double stitches on the loop, finish the split ring on the other side.

Return to the origin of the loop.

Pinch your left index finger and thumb at the source while keeping the loop taut with the rest of your fingers on your left hand.

With the other loose end of the thread, complete the full set of double stitches:

Reverse the order of the steps in creating double stitches to complete this half of the split ring. Another way to look at it is to finish the second part of the split ring by treating that portion like a chain.

To close the ring, pull the strand used to start the split ring, not the strand used to finish the second half of the ring.

Step 6: More Split Rings

Keep adding more split rings using 2 strands of thread. If you run out of thread on one side, attach another strand at the point of ring closure.

Step 7: Chain That Hides

If there is a short piece of strand that you want to eliminate, create a chain using 2 long strands.

Create the double stitches of the chain, but over the unwanted thread.

Step 8: Attaching the Chain

Attach the chain created over the unwanted piece of thread to another part of the necklace. You could even create another ring by curving the chain onto itself and knotting it in place.

Continue making combinations of rings, chains and split rings as you elongate the necklace.

Step 9: Spiraling Chains

Create a chain of double stitches. Twist the arc of the chain until it turns into a spiral. Or...

Instead of double stitches, use just a single stitch continuously until you achieve the desired length of the spiral chain.

Keep experimenting with different methods as the necklace gets longer.

Step 10: Adding Beads

At any point you can add a bead, but make sure that you have 2 long strands to continue.

Thread the long loose ends through the bead and secure in place with a knot.

Create a ring and continue to extend the necklace.

Step 11: Finishing the Necklace

Make the necklace long enough to wear it in different ways.

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