Introduction: Necronomicon Phone Cover

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To make this Necronomicon IPhone 6 over you can use:
.- An old phone cover or you can use one from the dollar store. I used an old Otter cover I had
.- hot glue gun and glue sticks. I used white and clear colors.
.- Nail polish of appropriate colors. You can use acrylics but somehow nail polish is recommended when painting over glue sticks.
.- Some acrylics for detailing.
.- Clear nail polish.

Step 1: Preparation

Clean your base cover.
And start drawing your desired design. I was send this image so I do not know from which Necronomicon version this one comes from.
Notice I used the two different colors of glue stick to make it easier to see the design.

Step 2: Paint Your Hot Glue Sculpture

Once you are happy with the design. Make sure to clean up any "hot glue webs" that some time happen.
For this Necronomicon cover I used Tan, flesh and dark red color nail polish.

Step 3: Layering Colors

As with every painting job layering and blending is important to make your work more realistic.
Notice I used the red as the base color,

Step 4: Second Base Color

Notice how the pink or flesh color blends with the red.!
I did not wait for the red to dry and it made it blend smoothly.

Step 5: Third Layer of Color

For this layer the flesh tone was layered on top of the blended color. I waited for the first coat to dry so it would not mix and blend as with the previous layer.

Step 6: Details

Once the nail polish is dry. I used a watered down brown acrylics color. It gave it a mustard or fleshy look and highlighted the relish tones in the cover glue sculpt.
Once it is dry I used white and black acrylics to do more details like the teeth and eyes.

Step 7: Finish

After it is all dry, cover your master piece with clear cote of polish. This will protect your design and it makes more durable.
Prepare to answer your phone and ask girls "Give me some suga baby" like Ash.

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