Introduction: Need a Lampshade?

Do you own a lamp, but no lampshade? Do you want a lampshade, but don't want to spend cash on the lampshade? Want to do something a little different for your lampshade? Well, why don't you make one out of a bottle? Yes, something so simple can be used to make a lampshade, at little cost.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

In order to make this bottle lampshade, you will need a couple of materials and tools before starting.

  • An empty bottle of some sort (For my picture, I used a Coca-Cola bottle. A SmartWater bottle is also good to use).
  • String (the length can vary based on the string you buy and the size of the bottle)
  • Scissors/X-Acto Knife (Beware of sharp edges of tools)
  • A ruler
  • A sewing needle (used for second method) (Beware of pointed end of needle)

Step 2: Prepping the Bottle

Once you have the supplies, begin with the bottle. Lay the bottle horizontally and measure from the end of the curve of the bottle to 1 and 7/8 inch. Mark your measurement on the bottle and then proceed to cut into the bottle carefully. Cut around the entirety of the bottle until it is in half, cutting it as straight as possible.

Step 3: Method 1 or Method 2

I used two methods for wrapping the string around the bottle. I put them in one step as the beginning steps are similar. After cutting the bottle in half, select your string. Begin wrapping your string around the bottle from whichever end you decide to start from.

Method 1

In this method all you have to do is wrap the string around the bottle continuously. If or when you reach the end of the string, depending on your string, tie another string to the end and continue wrapping around until it is completely wrapped or until satisfied.

Method 2

In this method, a sewing needle was used. After wrapping the string around with the kneaded needle, sew the end of the string into the already wrapped string and sew the new string through the old and continue wrapping around. This should help keep the string out the way and hold it place.

Step 4: Tying Off the String

After you have come to the end of your string, tie it like you tie your shoe laces. This should hold the two pieces of string together effectively.

Step 5: The Curve of the Bottle

While wrapping, I noticed that the curves on the bottles tend to be the hardest part to wrap the string around. When you arrive around the curve of the bottle, wrap the string around the bottle gently. Make sure not to forcefully tug on the string or it will all rise up, causing the string to jumble together.

Step 6: Completion

After you have finished wrapping the string around to your satisfaction, find a lamp that the bottle fits over and place on top of it.

Step 7: New Lampshade

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your bottle lampshade and not only that, but you have saved yourself a couple of bucks you use for other things. Now place that bad boy on top of a lamp and bask in its shade.

Seeing as the bottle is plastic, there may be concerns about whether it will melt if left on the lamp for long periods of time. I can only recommend to check the bottle from time to time and limit the amount of time the lamp is on.